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Napier Aerosol Refill Adaptor

Adapter for safe refilling of small Aerosols from the Giant economy can.Moulded with instruction..


Napier Apex Airglo

All hunters know how quickly a stalk can go horribly wrong if the wind changes direction part way th..


Napier Apex Auto Click

The Apex Auto Click is supplied in a handy bag complete with 1 Apex Gambrel and a 2 litre Aqua Sac, ..


Napier Apex Tree Hugger

Guidelines and current best practice now endorse and recommend a suspended gralloch where at all pos..


Napier Autosafe Flag - 12 Gauge

The only sure way to show your automatic shotgun cannot be fired accidentally. Simply load into the ..


Napier Bigfoot Quick Release Cartridge Collector

Now the perfect answer to pickup of spent cartridges, in clay or game shooting locations.Magnetic st..


Napier Black Powder Solvent - 250ml

Entirely new way to remove all black powder residue. One step action converts fouling to a clear har..


Napier Bore Solvent - 50ml

Developed for the complete removal of lead, copper and nitro powder residues. It will effectively cl..


Napier Gun Cleaner & Lubricant - 125ml

Suitable for all weapons and is ideal as a general lubricant for fishing tackle and sporting equipme..


Napier Lunch Set

An attractive and useful kit for refreshment whilst on the move. Finished in Forest Green and trimme..


Napier Power Pellet Lube

Independent tests prove almost 50% increase in accuracy.Improves accuracy Cleans Protects..


Napier Rapid Degreaser

Rapid Degreaser is ideal for use on firearms that have a heavy build up of debris.450ml (15.2 fl..


Napier Rifle Clean

For all rifled bores.Effective cleaning action:  Designed for effective cleaning of all rif..


Napier Silensave

SILENSAVE is the result of our longest ever field trial, and is a product every Rifle shooter has be..


Napier Super Clean

Non-woven gun cleaning material.Effective cleaning action:  Special textured construction o..


Napier Ultra Clean

Dual action bore cleaning material.Unique bore action, brush and mop material.Universal..


Napier Ultra Clean Rifle Patch

Pack of 100.If you want to check stock availability then please call 01622 872400 or email huntinglo..


Napier Ultra Jag - 12 Bore

Use Ultra Jag with Napier Ultra Clean for the fastest, clean on any smooth bore gun.If you want to c..


Napier VP90 Gun Grease - 25ml

Ideal for ejectors, slides, actions.Contains VP90 corrosion inhibitors.If you want to check stoc..